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Employment Agreement (English-German)

English explanation - German contract text

The new provisions regarding restrictions on employment set out in the Law on Part-time and Temporary Employment are at the heart of this employment contract module. Futhermore, it deals with Christmas bonuses, fringe benefits, etc. Determine these and other contractual provisions in accordance with your personal requirements.
NB: As of the 1 January 2002 preformulated employment contracts are subject to the general restraints of the Unfair Contract Terms (AGB). However, as there is not yet any case law in this respect the developments which this will entail cannot be predicted. We will adapt this module to the most recent precedents.
Please note that when requested to insert a number you should do so as a figure and not as a word (i.e. number of weeks: 4 (not ''four'')). Otherwise all entries must be made in German as these will be included in the contract

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